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Timothous Mack-Jones and Edward Jones-Mack

One mind, one heart, one thought...
together alike.

Yet always the self, the self rules...
two minds, two hearts, two thoughts...
the self...two tandem, linked
merged...understanding alike, different,
together, apart.

We are individuals with separate feelings
and separate personalities, whose unqualified
love for each other makes us join as one.

As we work to make each other become a stronger
individual, we can only become stronger together.
Our lives are enriched as we watch each other grow in God.

We come together to share our strengths, our weakness,
our hopes, and our knowledge.

We come together to share our love, our lives,
and our future.

We are always two, but we will always be one.

I love and respect all that you are.

I embrace all that is yours with all that I am.

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( Lesbian & Gay Book of Love & Marriage: Creating the Stories of Our Lives, Paula Martinac)




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