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EcoPlanet opens International Commitment Ceremony Registry


Los Angeles, California- (November 5, 1999) - EcoPlanet, a Nevada based corporation, announced open season for the International Commitment Ceremony Registry. Dubbed the ICCR, the free online registry allows partners from all over the globe to list their commitment of love. "What this site does is provide couples an opportunity to announce to the world their love and devotion for one another," said Lester Kau, Chief Registrar for the web site. "So many couples in this and other countries are forbidden by primitive laws to legally wed. Our web site provides a place for them to make their partnership known to all." he continued.

Although the internet site is geared toward gay and lesbian couples, all are welcome to share their commitment, free of charge. The web site also has an optional feature which allows couples to order a beautiful Commitment Ceremony Certificate for only $24.95. The document includes custom information including the partners' names, the date, each partner's vows and lines for their signatures. There is even an option to include extra signature lines for witnesses. Each certificate is enumerated individually with the same serial number that is placed in the online registry.

"We hope to get as many partners involved with this project as possible." said Mark Martin, programmer of the ICCR's project database. "It is important for people to stand up for their rights to love each other, and hopefully one day, a site such as this will not be needed." Additional information about The International Commitment Ceremony Registry is available via the Internet at http://www.ilovethisplace.com/iccr.



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