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A commitment to a loved one is a one of the most meaningful moments in a persons life. Some couples decide to celebrate this commitment with a simple private ceremony. Others decide to have a large celebration to ask their family, friends and coworkers to come together to recognize the relationship. However you two decide to celebrate this moment, it is important to take some time to reflect on your feelings, your love for each other, and your commitment to each other.

A commitment ceremony certificate with your vows printed on it makes a wonderful memento for when you two will look back at this very important event. The ICCR has designed an ICCR Commitment Ceremony Certificate. This beautiful document will serve as a public record that your union is recognized Internationally.

How Much For This Special Memento?

Entry into the official ICCR Registrar and a beautiful ICCR Commitment Ceremony Certificate with your own personal vows (up to 400 characters each) printed onto the certificate is:

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With Express Shipping Within The US $52.99. 1-3 business days within the U.S.
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To order, just fill out the form below with the information requested and we'll ship your package upon confirmation. If you do not have a credit card, then you can mail your order. Mail orders are processed after payment is received.

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Please fill out this form completely and accurately to ensure a correct listing. Click on the link next to the field for more information. There is a $15.00 to $39.00 fee to make corrections to a certificate if you make a mistake, so PLEASE double check this form before ordering! For the best looking certificate, please DO NOT USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS! Prices include shipping

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ICCR Certificate
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Commitment Ceremonies are a bond of love between two people. It does not involve any government. There are no legal benefits to having a Commitment Ceremony. People choose to have Commitment Ceremonies as a celebration of their love. 

For legal benefits in the United States, same sex couples should check to see if their city and/or state has any domestic partnership laws. Marriage equality around the World. Domestic Partnership laws can be very confusing, so make sure you fully understand the laws before entering into any binding contract.


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