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  • Gay Art Gallery. Contemporary gay art gallery , paintings of nude man, woman, gay and straights couples , single sex family, pride parades, soldiers, and portraits.


  • Counseling & Coaching for Couples and Singles. Danbury, CT, USA. Services offered by licensed, very gay friendly professional, to help you maintain the joy that brings you together now. This is pro-active coaching that helps you to articulate your vision of your union far into the future and then to make it happen. Questions: maggie@therapyct.com
  • The Gay Love Coach. Relationship education/advice for single & coupled gay men seeking strategies for improving their dating lives & relationships.

Dance Lessons

  • Vow To Dance. Dallas, Texas. Wedding dance lessons. Private and group lessons to help you feel comfortable and confident during your wedding dance with a fun teacher who makes learning easy.  elaine@tmail.com


  • Gay Evolution. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  connect. Connect, Create and Celebrate Personal Growth, Diaries, Submit Writing, Post Events and Solutions. Interactive site for professionals.
  • Queer Marriage. BC, Canada. The 8 British Columbia litigant couples who took Canada's federal government to court to fight for same-sex marriage rights. The site is a clearing house for information about the case, including news, affidavits and facts from court, a Q+A, a gay rights timeline, a 'meet the couples' page, a resources page, a wedding gallery and a page of wedding tip
  • Sappho's Place. An eclectic website featuring lesbian lifestyle, rights, relationships and entertanment articles along with many interactive features.
  • Twin Souls
  • Lesbians With Love Handles. Affirmation, support, and information for BBW lesbians. Fat is not a dirty word, so let's take our identities back from the smut dealers.


Investing & Mortgages

Legal Rights

Moving Services

  • Gay Moving. National GLBT Relocation Comapny looking out for the best interests for our community. Gay owned and operated.

Politics & Activism

Search Engines: Gay

  • Cybersocket
  • Diversity Builder. LGBT referrals to local gay-friendly businesses
  • Gay America
  • GayCityUSA
  • Gay Crawler - Search engine and directory for the gay and lesbian community worldwide.
  • Gayscape - The directory to everything Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual on the Internet.
  • Men Guide - Search engine for Sweden.
  • myGayWeb. One of the largest Gay search engines in the US. Our visits currently excede over 2 million per month.
  • Out Direct. Gay and lesbian directory of websites organized by subject.
  • The Glitter Gay & Lesbian Travel & Entertainment Services and more! Directory of Gay sites, bookstore and more.
  • Lesbiansring Home of the lesbiansring and now free e-mail address for women.
  • QueerQuarter Directory. UK directory of gay bars, clubs, events, hotels, arts, recreation, sport...

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