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Dissolution Of Commitment


In all things, there is change. Sometimes the change is for good, and often it is not. In either situation, accepting the new and replacing the old is healthy for the mind and the spirit, especially when it is inevitable. Such is the nature of life, love and relationships.

We continue to care for each other, as we were one in many ways. But time has caused a rift in our love, and we must now part our ways as friends. Each of our lives has grown from knowing the other, and will continue to flourish, even when parted. For love never really dies. Like everything universal, it changes.

And so, we hereby wish to acknowledge the dissolving of our Commitment to Life Partnership due to Irreconcilable Differences. Together, we part, yet continue to enrich the lives of those who know and care for us. Never are we to forget what once was a deep and abiding love for one another.


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